Prada & studs

ShopTheGallaxy studded vest (coming soon) AmericanApparel speckle sweater PRADA shirt Active pants Converse shoes ShopTheGallaxy glasses (coming soon) Topman rings 

As fashion week came to a close on wednesday, I was able to relax and see the sights. These outfit shots were taken in a park nearby the empire state building, in front of an unknown statue that peeked around 50 feet tall. The cold still lingers in the city hence all of the layering. The decision to have my new, vintage Prada shirt beneath knitwear and denim was second to none. Perfect for a day on the town. After countless slices of "2 Bro's pizza" and enough jelly beans to feed a small village, we decided to shop a little...more. There really is no excuse for the extensive amount of thrift shopping that has happened over the past week here in the city, but with "blogging comes great responsibility"...I say this in a spider-man mocking tone...so I continue to thrift, and spend. In regards to my online store, I recently had to put it on HOLD. I know, I know, you must be thinking "what the heck? he JUST opened it" but in all reality I had so many products at home (in California) that was impossible to lug across the country in a suitcase. SO, the good news is that I will be returning home on the 22nd and all pending orders will be processed IMMEDIATELY and shipped. If you cannot wait that long, which I completely understand, please email shopthegallaxy[at]gmail.com to request a refund. 

back to the day...

As the sun pulled it's covers across the eastern sky, I found myself racing to the local L-train en route to Brooklyn where I met one of the most beautiful girls ever, and her name was Lua P. Some of you may know her from Lookbook.nu, other's will know her as the girl with "the kick-ass ombre hair"  Either way, you'll know she's an unsurpassable, original, creative being with a flair for gothic chic and 90's inspiration. All in all, a god in my book. Exiting the train station, I instantly regained cell reception to a text message from Lua stating she was 3 blocks away. I was so thrilled! Minutes went by and I peeked my head around the corner to find this red-headed beauty, wrapped up warmly in a knit scarf and beanie, plaid maxi skirt cascading beneath a tough leather jacket. It was her! finally! I felt like such a little fan girl. we exchanged hugs and introductions then decided to just take a stroll around Williamsburg chatting about the blogging life. As down to earth as they get, Lua seemed to have a very good head on her shoulders. Along with juggling a full school schedule and blogging daily she also found time to spend with her boyfriend and friends. Easily a New York life that anyone would want. An education, a blog-job and a social life. Thumbs up for you gorgeous! A couple hours flew by in conversation and it was time to say goodbye! Since i still have a couple more days in the city left I plan on seeing her again, but it was still bittersweet not knowing for sure if I could. I think it's pretty safe to say we would be close friends if and when I decide to move here! Cheers to you Lua!

in the now: I'm at my friend Cris's parents house in New Jersey for the weekend. It's 9:40PM. I'm sitting on his bed with him sleeping to the side. Such a party pooper. But come to think of it, I think I'll hit the hay too.

till tomorrow,



  1. You look so hot! Really love your style <3


  2. Awww cool two of my favorite bloggers. You two look amazing

  3. kay. those glasses are ultra cool. defs wear them more with something studded Adam. it will be a stand out! (well, aren't you always??)

  4. Love it. You're great. I come to your blog every single day

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  6. Perfect!

    Love your hair and I loved your glasses!


  7. Ahhh Lua! xo She is pretty rad. I'm going to NY with my friends this summer. Hope the thrift shops there are as awesome as you said they were! Hopefully we'll get to see a post with your purchases?

    Great ensemble, as always.

  8. love it!!
    following and fanned!!
    adorable jumper!!
    hope you have a look on my facebook page if u have time!!!!