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Viparo leather jacket AmericanApparel vest Thrifted white shirt Brighterman bowtie Rayban glasses Cheapmonday jeans Topman watch

At this point you can probably guess that this is my leather jacket of choice. It's the epitome of perfect, great for anyone's body type. I went for a formal route when I decided to pin on my bow tie (or tried to) in the midst of the pinning-proccess, the strap broke off and I was left with only one choice...make-shift pin. So racing as the sun was about to go down, I got a q-tip, punctured a hole in the fabric and put one end of the q-tip in the bow tie and the other side in the button hole of my shirt. If it's hard to visualize then imagine how hard it was to actually do it. To my surprise, the bow tie stayed and I snatched my camera, tri-pod and I was set!

Being back home is definitely comforting and relaxing but also very sad. I love New York and can't wait to go back. The shows, The events, The lights and buildings, and even PEOPLE! so brutally honest and verging on mean, but you gotta give them kudos for the "no-bullshit" policy that looms over the city. Catch my latest Vblog here where I talk about my experience and the latest, if you haven't already.

With one day of rest down, the busy schedule continues in Los Angeles tomorrow starting with a birthday party for my dear friend Aleah. Following saturday is a ONCE YOUTH launch party I'll be attending with Bethany, peter and hopefully Olivia.

till tomorrow,



  1. I love your outfit and congratulations on your NYC trip and your business!!! Keep up the good work! :) XOXO. Elizabeth E.

  2. Lovely as always.
    Never could've guessed the bow tie was held by a q-tip. ;]

  3. a Q-tip? NICE! hahaha... you can't even tell! and your right, that jacket does fit different types of bodies.

  4. Cool jacket and cardigan! love this look :P

  5. original style !!


  6. I am totally impressed with your style! Just followed you :) I recently wrote on my blog about how a man in a bow tie is my favorite thing... Please check out my blog. http://www.hannahswildhorses.com/

  7. Brad Goreski would approve.

    The converses is a nice break from your formal outfit. They are becoming such a staple for my more dressier outfits as well.

    Can't wait for the next post!

  8. Well i should say that this post is simply amazing , i'm not following you for so many time , but it was enough to fall in love with you style !!! You're so positive and stylish , i'm glad that I found a blogger like this !!! I'm impressed ... This is exactly the blog people need , so keep going ... good job !!
    P.S. i find inspiration in your every post , and why you don't post music anymore , I'd like to listen some songs from your playlist !!! xoxo

  9. Yessss! I love this look!!


  10. goddamn, you´re so fuckin´ hot. i love your pretty face!

  11. You look amazing! I'm loving your blog!

  12. Touch of red is amazing!


  13. So fancy!!! love the style the red touch is really amazing!!! Great blog ill be following it

  14. I think I'm in love with your hair! <3