New Hardware

Sony Alpha 65-
24.3MP, Translucent Mirror Technology™, 10fps, OLED electronic viewfinder, Full HD Movie with AVCHD™, Live View with Phase Detection, 15-point auto focus

check out my new camera. I ordered it last night and it'll be here tomorrow, so don't worry...I'll be back on my blogging-feet in just one more day. Some of you are probably wondering why I don't get a Nikon or Canon and honestly, I've always just grown up with Sony....and recently they have become a front runner for cameras anyway. Their Alpha series cameras have won numerous awards and give some of the big names a run for their money. when it comes down to cameras, its like religion, its really subjective and depends on what you like.

so excited for a fresh new camera...again.



  1. i love sony alpha, i have one too and it's amazing but, i have a DSLR nikon too and i love that too :)

  2. New camera to shoot the best pictures and looks you have ever done in your live...;)
    I don't understand a lot about using a camera, but the only thing i know isr, i wanna have a camera with mirror technologie...;)

  3. I really want something like this for my birthday. Great pick Adam!

  4. so jealous, but i'd have to safe up money for all eternity ;)
    Def my next buy

  5. thanks guys! excited to get it toooo! : ]

  6. Can't wait to see some shots! You've got a great blog Adam. Best wishes from Mexico.

    Alejandro (New Blog!)

  7. Nice! Willing to see the juice you get out of it! Congrats!

  8. nice ! :)
    then write us your opinion of it :)