Menswear F/W 2012


i want all the hemmed pants, and hats. the shirt in the middle outfit is awesome, love how big the sleeves are are. it's a sick style. 
Calvin Klein.

mixing materials. thumbs up. Wouldn't wear the pants on the left but I would wear all the tops and undershirts 
Dior Homme.

again with the hats! the glasses are also really cool too. very mysterious. the blazer in the last pic is really sick. different colored/fabric sleeves are a noticeable trend this season. 

Prob one of my favorite collections. The layers in the first outfit are perfection. Slim two-toned turtle neck with studded belt = so so nice. i would buy that outfit in a heart beat. then the velvet tux, could it get any more perfect? 

more hats. go figure! bold grays, exaggerated shoulders. very unique. 

YSL ends on a high note. sticking to classic, masculine silhouettes, they added leather to unexpected places (lapel, forearm etc.) which modernized it in the best way. The shoes are without a doubt my favorite, and a must have. I need these. it's serious. 




  1. Miu Miu, Givenchy, and Louis Vuitton also all included baseball caps for their fall 2011, winter 2012 lines. =P

  2. oh really? :) thanks for the input :]

  3. i want to know what is the best costume this coming season...summer

  4. Just read the tweet exchange between you and Blake.. and wow, can't believe how unsupportive he is of a fellow blogger.

    Personally, I prefer your style to Blake's and I think you come across a lot friendlier!

    Anyways, there's always gonna be haters in this world so, just let them hate!

  5. it's unfortunate, but jealousy is a disease! my prayers are with him

  6. you picked really nice looks, love the collections shown here.
    there is a new runway post from a show (conceptual fashion design) at my art academy yesterday night with photographs Stefan took, you can have a look here: intwoo: fashion show

    and if you like, drop some thoughts, I'd really appreciate!

    greets and btw. basecaps are cool ;)


  7. yes, haters gonna hate. cool post :)


  8. These collections are super awesome, im a girl who loves Menswear, and i've been a Fan of Dior Homme for quite some time now, and this exactly why! =)
    As for your remark, i didnt actually expect it, i mean, I think you and Blake are very fashionable in very different ways, Blake is more the "black" color guy, and you're like the guy who tries EVERYTHING.
    i dont think it's nice of him to say that you're "unfashionable" just because you wear baseball caps, i mean, that's rude, it does not make a point or a sense, it's your own vision of fashion, you do it your way and you make your statement, and to me that's exactly what fashion is all about, personality.
    and if I can say so myself, I think you're amazing Adam, I've been collecting all of your pictures for inspiration on my wardrobe, and I MEAN THIS...
    So dont get affected or slightly offended by what others say, you're awesome and you know it, so stick with it cuz we all love it ^^

  9. you look so much better than blake and nigel. screw them. it seems like you have the courage to wear whatever you want, and you make baseball caps look so damn good.

  10. I agree with all that has been said. Even if baseball caps are not obvious fashion, you make them work. Amazingly, fyi ;)

  11. You, Blake, and Nigel are all three very stylish guys, but I think the key difference between your looks and theirs is that you come off very approachable in your looks, and Nigel and Blake have a more reserved kind of vibe.

    Fashion is what you make of it, and so far you've been doing a bang-up job without them, so keep on being awesome! I look forward to your looks and you're truly an inspiration. I look at Blake and Nigel's looks and I think they are nice to look at, but I look at your looks and I am inspired to either recreate them or go out and buy one of the pieces, so you're doing something right!

  12. You mean to tell me that you put your art into the public eye and they had the nerve to express their opinion on it? Well, damn, there's no reason that you should ever prepare yourself to handle both positive AND negative reviews. Kudos to you, calling people out for giving you a critical review. That'll sure show them.

  13. Who'd ever think that baseball caps could look fashionable?! Nicely done!