Bleach & black

fourtyounce tee urbanO backpack ZARA cardi DIY shorts converse all stars raybans glasses 

howdy. here's the first outfit post of the week. I was given this cool bleach-spotted shirt that i paired with my DIY bleached shorts and zipper cardi. Sorry I've been neglecting posts these past few days just been really busy but I had a great weekend. Friday I went bowling with my co workers from zara, saturday I hung out with peter and his bro all day shooting a video for GLMR KILLS (coming out soon!) then yesterday I went shopping for my secret santa for our work party. Even though i don't work there anymore I was still included. Needless to say we partied the night away and it was a great "goodbye" to all my friends. Can't express enough how excited I am to launch my store, blog full time and ALSO start auditioning for acting jobs. I've done theatre for years and I live in LA.. why not also give that a shot? The motto I live by, "you only live once" so I want to try it all but the great part about it, is that I'll be blogging every step of the way :)

catch you tomorrow



  1. the quality of your pictures is way better ! <3 love ♥

  2. love the bag !!


  3. Wasn't sure about this look, but it grew on me with each shot. Trying this in warmer weather for sure. :) Keep up the great work!

  4. great shots!
    i love this used look a lot.
    and i wanna thank you for the great job you do, i'm always so happy, when i see a new post. you're such an inspiration for me, and pleas never stop blogging and keep up your great work, well done, ADAM...<3

  5. Love the look! and I love how in many of your photos you look like a college student (which I would gladly be classmate of :D).

    It is great that you're going to castings. I'm writing a story, and some day (u.u dream big) I want to make it public. If it ever has a movie, I'd love you to play one of the characters! :D


  6. What video are you doing for Glamour Kills?

  7. You're stunning! I really love your pics, and the shorts are awesome, well done! x

  8. OMG I love so much your YSL t-shirt !!
    Very well done Galla ;)

    xo xo


  9. The first pictures just moves me.

  10. so cute :), the graphic YSL-ish tee

    I'm following you via BLOGLOVIN, wishing you can do follow me too, so that we can stay in touch

    Herdiana Surachman

  11. If only everyone could dress like you,haha

  12. love love love LOVE this outfit! ♥
    cant wait for the glmr klls video

  13. you only live once. so live it to its fullest :)

  14. Yeah plis dont stop blogging,,every post u wrote really inspired my day..thanks adam

  15. great picture, great outfit! Like the backpack ;)

    check out our blog please, we're new!

    See you ;)x

  16. Jesteś zajebisty :D

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  18. i fell in love with your eyes :)


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