shoes for who?

pirate loafers? shiver me timbers YES PLEASE. especially for next summer, they would make a focal piece for anyones wardrobe. 

distressed lace-ups. currently obsessed with as well, pairs great with dark skinny's, band tee, urban pieces of course. these rich colors bring a simple outfit to life.

Staying on the distressed topic we turn to distressed oxfords. Perfect for a man who doest want to appear too dandy but not classic either. Worn with a skinny suit from Prada for ex. would make heads turn at a party.

Moving onto VANS, I can hands down say that this is my favorite picture (and shoes) out of this whole post. I wish I had every single pair. They're quirky, fun and unique. I would pair them with bright colored high socks, short-shorts from american apparel, flannel, hat and backpack. 

Vans continues to surprise me with their leather touches. i have seen multiple pairs using rich colored leathers with suede for instance. This whole "mixing-materials" thing is a plus in my book.

moving onto the "Paul Bunyun", woodsmen hightop leather boots. again, great with an urban outfit this season. Add a beanie, grow your beard out, listen to some Bon Iver and bam.... your cool.

we've already touched on the distressed oxfords but what about the dandy guys? they need shoes too! so I thought these colored soles we're pretty cool this season. Maybe match them with your tie or pocket square?...just have fun.

masculine dandy?  these shoes are pretty cool, don't deny it. the gray touch is very modern. i would wear something like this with a monochromatic black outfit. maybe hints of grey.

spicing things up with a platform. a trend that's (somewhat) survived through the decades, we've seen platforms in the 70's, 90's then now again, 2010's. I personally love them, because they make you taller and because they're really comfortable. Designers are constantly finding more ways for the platform to look stylish. i like these above a lot.

Prada, the mother that birthed the recent platform trend. Every season so far in menswear, they're changing up the sole materials, colors and shape. can't wait to get my hands on a pair.

same ones as above with different TIP color.

so with all that being said...which is your favorite pair? which is your least favorite pair? I hope these trends stick around, I think mens-footwear is really on an upswing. There are now multiple looks to choose from giving men a variety and choice when getting dressed in the morning, and of course evening's for parties and events.

my wish list is complete! is yours?



  1. The first vans-shoes are gorgeous! Love them :--)

  2. I adore the Vans covered in iconic Hèrmes scarves :)!!

  3. the Vans with different patterns! I would love to have a pair of those, where did you find them? :D

  4. Ah I the Hermes X Vans shoes. Those were just custom made for someone, from what I read around a blog ages ago. They're probably the best out of the shoes you showed Adam. That and the Prada plaform brogues!

  5. I ♥♥♥♥♥ VANS!
    You really look like Adam Brody!

  6. Just found your blog through lookbook and I looove it!!! Definitely following. My favourite pair are the Prada ones and the printed slippers. <3


  7. You want me to feel guilty about having spent all my money on stuffs ?? Those shoes are just AMAZING !!


  8. I love love love your style, and your take on fashion!!

  9. thanks everyone! glad you like! my favorite are the printed vans and prada too sophia!

  10. I've posted those leather wing tip Vans to my Pinterest before. You should check it out, tons of men's styles. I've been getting more and more feedback from it as time goes on.


    And don't be surprised that a lot of pins are of you haha, you have wonderful style. My friend Rene says he gets a lot of good style tips from it :)

  11. oooh gorgeous pick on shoes! I love all of them

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  13. The Prada shoes are absolutely awesome. I love how Prada plays on the color and shape. I can't wait to get my hands on a pair too. Reminded me of alegria clogs
    I was surprised on the leather Vans shoes by the way. I can't believe Vans just released leather shoes. But Looks nice though. Hope to see this shoes on your LookBook account.

  14. What I love about Vans' leather shoes are the fine leather linings are color. They're so sleek and very stylish every man would want to have them.

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