Inspiration & desires 3

heres a bundle of inspiration for you guys! This year on my Christmas list I want SHOES. leather ones, boot ones, skate ones ANY ones. and a lot of socks to wear in them :) as you can see, I'm still on my tattoo kick, hence the guy above! I want to start wearing a lot more colorful hats too also seen above! browsing tumblr just gets me so excited, it makes me want to move to london because the streetstyle here in california isn't like that at all. these pictures are very european and stylish.

Oh btw i dyed my hair near-black yesterday and I love it. i will probably always keep it this dark now. its just more...me. don't really know any other way to explain it. i feel like it accents my features more too. you can check out my instagram or twitter for pictures i took.

very excited for today, im leaving Newport beach now to go get ready in Riverside for the j.RA event in LA where i get to catch up with my good friends Bethany struble and Peter adrian but also FINALLY get to meet olivia L, tahgrid and other great bloggers:) of course ill be blogging about it NO DOUBT:)

till tomorrow...



  1. The guy who has all the cool tattoos is named Ashley Stymest. He's a very successful British model, and he's one of my favourite male models. I love your inspirations and style, Adam! Thanks for posting and making this blog!!

  2. Hi Adam!
    Here's a spanish fan of your blog!!
    Gotta say I love the idea of your work and in my opinion you're doing great so far!
    Would you tell me the brand of those watches? Love them!
    I've been to London 3 times and i've been in love with that city ever since!!

    (excuse me for the possible spelling mistakes)

  3. I'm with you, i wish i lived in england there style is so much more me :) I love your blog and It would be amazing if you could visit mine and let me know what you think?!
    p.s. the boots are really cool!

  4. But a lot of guys do in fact dress like that in California.. With the based scene coming from the bay and Odd Future and swag mostly coming from L.A., there are a lot of guys that dress in the fashion of some of those pics. You just haven't been to the right areas to see that

  5. I'm from southern CA too & LONDON IS AMAZING; you are quite correct dear sir...the fashion, style & general vibe is different & so much more creative...I've been fortunate enough to have gone there twice.

    When you go (though maybe you have already) of course enjoy the trendy iconic fashionable bits of Oxford St & Camden, but please do go & find the obscure parts as well (I'm sure I'm preaching to the choir here ;).

    London is such a beautifully diverse city, the history & just knowing that you get to walk the same streets that have been there for years & mixed with today's advancements...amazing.

    I'm getting carried away, but really I'm excited for when you do go...I'm sure you'll bring us along on this journey! ;)

    Love it!, love LONDON, love you! :) <3

    PS check out George Craig (he did some modelling for Burberry a while back) frontman for One Night Only & currently resides in London hehe...

    shameless fangirling here...anonymously of course! :P

  6. nice pics!! :)
    adore these kinda posts!


  7. thanks everyone!

    and thanks mary-katherine for the insight about the model! obsessed right? haha

  8. Damn where do you find all these amazing pics ?

    Your christmas list is big ahah but do you want only clothes and hats ? Nothing else ?

    Keep doing well, your blog is great !

  9. well, i told my parents i want some new cologne, and other small necessities but yea hats it haha typical blogger wishlist right?

    happy holidays to you too! thanks for reading <3


  10. I must say i love your blog :)

  11. Wow man ! real inspiration !
    Loved the guys with the animal pattern haha. The girl with creepers, and the pic of the two guys skateboarding is awesome !!
    anyway Just wanted to say : thanks for sharing !