I've taken quite a liking to red accessories these days. maybe its my holiday spirit, maybe its the fact I hardly ever wore red and now its catching up to me. my favorite piece here is the dark red backpack, but a close second is the DR DRE headphones. There's something bold and daring when you throw on a red accessory with a subtle/neutral outfit. let's face it, its head turning and cool. You have to be smart about it though, you cant over do it. a fine line will be the difference between suave and over-kill.

backpack- archival clothing
headphones- DR DRE
hat- supreme
necklace- topman
tie- topman
shoes- vans

Have some last minute christmas shopping to do today! have a good one and stay warm!



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  2. i like all of them besides the hat! :D

  3. and i love the headphones :)

  4. love all your picks


  5. Hey Adam, Greetings from the Philippines!
    I really really love reading your blog, It's like my bible already! I cant last a day without checking your latest posts!
    I fell in love with your style the first time I saw you on Lookbook!I seldom follow male bloggers. Actually, you're the only
    male blogger that I check out regularly (via your twitter and iamgalla.com,of course!)

    Your giveaways are way too cool! I hope I'll get to win one of those sometime and I hope you'll giveaway one of your wayfarers!(which I think have always been a staple in your wardrobe!)

    You are so inspiring, everytime I look into my closet I always think of your style! So simple and laid-back but very stylish in an
    effortless way! I hope you'll be more famous, like kitty purry famous! More posts, more giveaways and more clothes to come!
    And I just wanna say that you kind of look like a "clean" Adam Brody. Hahaha. Of course, I like you more than him!

  6. I want them headphones hehehe!

    Merry Advance XMas wish!


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  8. I'd bet on it that it's the effect of the holiday spirit :)

  9. Ooooh amazing things, the backpack is awesome!

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  11. Your picks are awesome, gives me a little bit of inspiration, and that suits me well since I'm not done with all my Christmaspresents yet. Haha, gotta hurry!!

  12. I love You! Yours looks is great! You a bautiful! Amazing!

  13. Gostei do cordão ^^