The Galactic (day + night)

1)shirt- urban o
4)glasses- american apparel
5)black skinnys- active
6)black boots- urban o
7)rings- topman

morning guys! today we have a double post...last saturday my friend LIZ and I took some pics by day, then enjoyed a night on the town in Santa Monica(pix below) for this outfit i bought the must-have new nebula shirt from urban O then paired it with one of Tevin Vincents new pieces (and personal favorite) cardigan. I'm not sure if he's selling them yet on the site but keep checking back, they're worth it and extremely comfortable. i even told him to come out with a variety of colors (fingers crossed)

in other news, many of you have probably heard of 'The Bloggers Wardrobe' which was suppose to launch on the 20th, but due to technical delays and website setup they're saying it might be a few more days. for all of you who aren't filled in- The Bloggers Wardrobe is the worlds first online store that will have merchandise with the price of $0 and $0 shipping fee BUT its only available for a selected group of bloggers. The newly coined term "bloggers need brands, & brands need bloggers" is in my personal opinion genius and I couldn't be more thankful and happy to be invited into this elite group. other bloggers included in the BW are Olivia L, Bethany S, Pascal G, Lily M, CoCo R and many more. I believe the project is going to do really well and soon enough, i will be showcasing loads of new NORDIC brands of clothing as well as other lines across the world all thanks to the BW. very excited. so stay tuned!

as for my personal life.... since so many of you ask:P I'm currently laying in bed a bit under the weather, so i took some time off work. In this time of bumming and being lazy, i started thinking to myself "i bet I could blog full time, i should try it" for the people who follow me on twitter, you already know I have a full time job at ZARA but let me tell you, retail WHIPES YOU OUT. so I've been in the talks with NEXT agency in regards to representation & blogging full time as a career. Within these next few months we're going to see where it takes me. I've decided to start doing 1 GIVEAWAY each week from my closet, as well as sell pieces in-between since i get so many inquires a day. just constantly stepping up my content and post-quality. love to hear some feedback from you guys on all my rambling. (sorry)



  1. Hey!
    Emailed you awhile ago, and I apologize. Didn't realize that it was only for companies trying to contact you... ANYWAYS! Working at ZARA, are you able to get free clothes and what not? (I live in AZ [no competition for you just an FYI]) Just wondering, because, HEY, that'll be awesome!
    Thanks so much, and hope you're feeling better for Turkey Day!

  2. Woah! That is NOT my name! Sorry, I'll fix it for my next post... don't know how that happened. Really, truely, I am TonyBardone with BuddyChesnut AOL account. Apologizing like crazy today ain't I!

  3. I love your tee!


  4. WOAH! You went to go see ACDA? I was apart of the Men's choir. Do you know anyone in the men's choir? =O

  5. kei! yea i saw the show! great job. i didnt know anyone personally but a guy from my highschool was in mens and was jsut showing some alumni support. i also just enjoy watching choral performances. i live in pasadena so i plan on going to ACDA next year too for allstate.

  6. Oh my gosh! Haha thank you. I can't believe you went! I would've gotten a picture with you or something.. darn it, I can't believe I missed you =(. Ohh I see. Yeah, I made it into ACDA too except I'm doing the national western division one which is in Reno, Nevada haha.

  7. wow you truly are the most beautiful person ive ever seen :-) cant stop saying it haha.

  8. you look so much better without sunglasses, haha, it might sound cheesy I know but your eyes are beautiful!

  9. SMILE MORE!!!!!!!! PLEASE! ;)<3

  10. Waoh, really great photos!

    And i love your cardi, i'll buy it surely :)

  11. Your smile is absolutely cute :))
    I love your blog!!

  12. I love your blog and your last outfit ;)
    I´m spanish blogger,check out my blog www.sunpredictable.blogspot.com

    oh...you are very cute

  13. I love that outfit :--)