The Bandit

1)jean- thrifted
2)shirt- JC RAGS
3)beanie- heritage 1981
4)satchel- FABRIX
5)glasses- 80spurple.com
6)shoes- vintage
7)necklace- shopbop.com
8)bandana- target

ahoy! I know its a little late for nautical but pirates, bandits and sailors don't hibernate for winter you know! there still around :P  so I wanted to play along with my last JC RAG shirt I had by pairing it with matching denim. The wonderful Blake Jacobsen took this of me with his mark 2 camera, so thank you blake! dang, i wish i had that camera. anywho! I've just been working A LOT over 30 hours a week and still trying to cram in 4-5 outfit shots a week. I can see now how Bryanboy and Rumi blog full time because it is incredibly time consuming and takes a lot of energy.

oh BTW...went to crossroads trading company store and found 9 things in 2 minutes I wanted! that place is getting SO GOOD, its out of control. can't wait to show you guys all the pieces I bought.

till tomorrow!



  1. you always take my breath away Adam. you and your style is amazing. looking forward to see the pieces you bought :-)

    PS: click!

  2. Not my fav but I do like the necklace

  3. gorgeous!! awesome style :)


  4. ¬¬ how do you always find such amazing necklaces? You have to go with me shopping for necklaces... it's been AGES since I don't find one I like ): but yours are all so pretty!

  5. I love your style.
    besos. elena :)

  6. You're just perfect, I would say, but don't be narcissistic because of that ;) These jeans looks a little weird on you but still - awesome look.

  7. I absolutely adore your style.. I love it when men have great fashion sense! The glasses seriously suit you and the necklace and jacket is great. I look forward to your future posts x


    Ohh and the scarf is such a nice, quirky touch

  8. thanks everyone :) yeah i agree the jeans didnt photograph well at all but i think they were sagging :X haha oops!

  9. Really great look!!! My favourite part are the shoes! :-)