The Magique

1)jean shirt-urban O
2)sweatshirt- cotton on 
3)burgundy skinny pants-H&M
4)boots- ZARA
5)glasses- 80spurple
6)messenger- H&M

hey everyone. so as you can see theres been a lot of changes on my blog, and it will continue within the next few days. i have officially renamed it to "IAMGALLA" which I've been planning for awhile and just have been procrastinating. so bye bye what dreams may come! I feel like the new name is more original, unique and is taken from my last name (gallagher) step by step I feel like my blog and myself are evolving and growing. I have soaked up every experience i have been given whether it be job, collaboration, project or photo shoot...there is ALWAYS more to learn and i love it. I couldn't be happier that you are all here with me as I take these steps of life, i don't feel alone and thats comforting. I will do my best to provide fresh, unique content as much and often as possible now that the blog is moving forward. I have also signed up with adsense to see what type of income I can get since this is basically a full time job in itself, it was recommended so I'll see what happens. expect to see some fashionable ads! Sorry if your not big on ads but keep this in mind- if i don't make money then i wont have any clothes to buy and blog about. everything comes full circle! so this is for the best. I appreciate any and all comments in regards to the new/simplistic layout, and above all, I appreciate you guys.



  1. thank you for explaining everything; got a bit confused haha. I love the newness of everything.

    also loving the red-ish jeans. I kind of want winter back (damn Australia)!

  2. I love this new design, neat and simple. You look amazing as always, and I just love your pants :)

  3. New design is stunning, very beautiful. I like minimalism. It is something like my =)

  4. loving and loving your blog more from day to days!
    goodluck adam and your style and blog are just getting and getting more and more marvelous!


  5. WOW! The new layout is amazing, the new name suits you and this SO much better. Awesome job. :)

  6. what do u think of my lookbook ?

    and btw I have instagram 2: http://instagram.heroku.com/users/ahlbins

    it would be rly cool if u said what u thought of it :D?

  7. i definitely loooove the new blogs's look and i like the name a lot better too!
    congrats on getting some ads! that's what im hoping to get too but it wont be until wayyy down the road for me.
    great look too btw haha


  8. good job fella and I do prefer the new name

  9. I love all your posts!