The doc

1)doc martens - doc marten sent them to me
2)shirt-second hand
3)glasses-ray ban
4)pants- active
5)bracelets- various
6)knit scarf- my cousin megan
7)backpack- urban O
hey everyone. short, simple post today. I was sent these doc martens for the lookbook.nu for the collaboration. I really like them, and the fit. keeps my ankle straight (cause i have a tendency to roll it. the color if versatile with other outfits and they also asked me about my first ______ something. I proceeded with my first ZIT. its gross but relatable! everyone has gotten at least on in their life, this is what i had to say:

"my first zit-

once you get into middle school, thats when you actually start caring what you look like. its not about fun, going on the playground and getting dirty from playing with your friends. its about WHO LOOKS GOOD. so you can imagine the daunting feeling that came over me one morning in the early year of my 7th grade, when i noticed a small red bump the size of a pea on my left cheek...just staring right at me in the mirror! at the time I didn't know if I had a bug growing in there or if i had a terminal illness! i ran to my mom, using my index finger to point out the unknown red dot "AM I DYING?" i desperately asked and she replied "your fine. its a zit, everyone gets them" so fortunately i wasn't dying but on the flip side, I wish all my classmates would have been as calm as my mother...the next day everyone just had to point it out. darn observant 7th graders! "

thanks for reading,



  1. Awesome outfit! Haha I don't really remember my first zit. Thanks god for foundation and all that. :)

    ♥ Eva

  2. Great outfit and great text! haha It's really funny, I supose my first zit was similar... ^.^

  3. I didnt even remember my first zit, good thing you remember that :) I love the outfit. The doc really looks amazing! I love your backpack! been craving for something like yours this whole time.

  4. I actually laughed at the 'AM I DYING?' && 'Darn observant 7th graders' part. Hahaha! And I love the Doc Marten they sent you.

  5. Amazing outfit! love the colours you used!
    and amazingly sweet of Doc Martens! Really nice colour!

    x Je suis Sophie

  6. Oh, so wonderful! I love your shoes and all outfit =)

  7. Those shoes are fabulous and so is your look. I'm definitely following your blog, I want to see more of your great outfits. x

  8. amazing... I feel stupid 'cus your pictures leave me speachless!

  9. I really love this outfit! Adam you're an inspiration! <3

  10. Only a scarf can create movement in clothing, I am increasingly convinced.
    I love scarves!

    Look: great!