california im comin home!

hey everyone! my apologies for looking very tired in this pic, im sitting in the airport terminal to go back home to california! as some of you may know, i was in NEW YORK for fashion week where i corresponded for a lot of the shows, as well as did some photography. the experience was amazing to say the least. really. I couldnt be more happy, thankful and appreciative for the fact that i got into so many prestiges shows, met distinguished people and networked at some of the greatest parties in town. I wish i could describe every single minute of the week i experienced to you because it was THAT jam-packed! i arrived saturday and immediately went out for some good dancing fun. sunday followed with a strict itinerary of 5 shows that i would need to attend AND write articles for. now mind you, the website i was contributing for is called STYLE ALTERNATIVE. josh, the Director of the site was kind enough to allow me to tag along and "show me the ropes" you can check out the website & my articles HERE. the 5 shows flew by and i got some GREAT shots, can't wait to show you...i just need to organize them into files, change the curves a little bit for clarity and we'll be good to go within these next few days :) sunday night ended very quietly, i went home EXHAUSTED around 1 am, ate and crashed. the next day, due to my sleep deprivation, i actually missed my first show of the day :X i wasn't use to SO much work. its definitely a tough lifestyle. i go ready, had a few hours to kill so i went shopping then proceeded with the shows later that day.

can't wait to show you guys what pieces i bought here. most are from topman because they have a huge store in NEW YORK here which they dont have in california:( how sad is that!? anyways. I am sad to say that i didnt do hardly any outfit posts while i was out because i was by myself most of the time and i forgot my camera remote in california:/ SOOOOOO ill just have to re-wear all my outfits that i had for fashion week and snap some shoots as soon as i get back because i know ive been lagging a little bit.

as the week progressed i met quite a few new friends, BRYANBOY being one of them. he is such a sweet guy and really has a good head on his shoulders. i had a chance to sit down with him and ask him all about his life, goals, aspirations, etc etc and he had so wisdom and advice to give. im really thankful for that. he told me that i need to make my blog more personal and realistic as opposed to constant "edited" content. so theres definitely a lot of changes coming up. i feel after a every few months i change it up but is that necessarily a bad thing?
the week ended on a definite high note, i was given the opportunity to see one of the most prestiges shows of the entire fashion week...RALPH LAUREN SS12. it was so beautiful, i almost felt like crying because the collection spoke to me personally. my favorite era of all time is the 20s so when i heard that ralph laurens inspiration for his new collection was a "spring in the 20's" I DIED. the flowy dresses, hats, clutches, ostrich feathers....all just blow my mind. makes me wish i was a girl! at the end of the day it was the movie changeling on ecstasy. beautiful.

well, i must board my flight now, its 8:22pm here in new york and i take off at 9pm to arrive in california at 12am. you do the math. the next time you will hear from me will be within the next day or so with plenty of content including:

1)fashion shows
2)outfit posts
3)product purchases

rock on fashionistas



  1. can't wait for ur upcoming posts adam :D


  2. hi, can't wait to see your purchases and i hope your friendship with bryanboy will continue :))

  3. Glad you had a blast mr. I miss you let's get dinner sometime.


  4. oh, may be a few mouths didn't check your mix and match clothing