I hope you enjoyed my style portfolio and not only got a sense of who I am as an artist but also my aspirations and goals. I believe I am the perfect fit for the style correspondent because I can bring my own unique-quirky twist to interviews, articles and editorials. Elle will be pleased and refreshed to see new, modern content among their pages if they choose me for the magazine layout! I am driven, and always give my 110 percent in my passions. THIS is my passion. To go to such a pinnacle fashion event of the year, surrounded by elite fashion folk to learn, grow and be inspired. this is my platform to do so....so choose me and I wont let you guys down!

xx adam

I havent exactly went shopping for fashion week considering i don't know if I even won yet so I decided to do some sketches in my style correspondent sketch book and show you what types of things i would wear and buy!

xx adam


I have always said that nothing inspires me more then seeing a confident person walking on the street, with their head held high, owning what their wearing. The exuding self-assurance and pride is really breath taking. It takes a good outfit, to a GREAT outfit. With that being said, Im not going to neglect some of my personal favorite icons in history, especially bob. Growing up I was always conscious of the current trends and eventually realized that, what might be cool now, in 10 years...won't be. Yves Saint Laurent claimed "Fashion fades, style is eternal" which i whole-heartingly agree. If one decade caught my eye without a doubt, it was the 1960's. I know what your thinking... hippies, fringe and bellbottoms? how about crisp white shirts, blazers, bowlers and nylons instead! The trend MOD took the upper class by storm introducing rebel- with sophistication. This period of fashion is my personal favorite, hands down and the people who wore this trend were brilliant and considered classic to this day. From the women such as Twiggy, Brigitte Bardot and Edie Sedgwick...To the dapper men like Bob Dylan, Andy Warhol, the Beatles and even james bond the character.


Bob Dylan is the epitome of cool. he is collected, he is poised, he is everything in my opinion. from his music came the image...his dashing suits, grundy coats and leather boots, Bob has made his stamp in fashion history as one of the MOD kings. rarely caught in a color photograph, he favored black and white which accented his neutral color palette of a wardrobe. I will forever worship this mans style. que the standing ovation.

who didn't or DOESN'T (should i say) like at least one Beatles song. this pop group created the whole idea of a 'boys pop group' and did so magnificently and stylishly! The smart move to match each other frequently in debonair suits, skinny ties and oxfords took this great band straight to the top of the MOD throne. nobody at the time could parallel their success musically and even their style. originality and uniqueness was their middle names!

As i get older I am reminding myself that sticking with fresh, classic, clean and a bit edgy for outfits is the best way to go. MOD is one of the few styles that is still acceptable in todays society and I believe it will stay that way as time goes on. These icons have changed the world...well at least the fashion one.

xx adam

August 10
The Magician
-personal outfit post-
1)london clock tower tee- for the district
2)black skinny's-active
3)black boots- ZARA
4)glasses- 80'spurple.com
5)top hat- vintage!
6)ring- H&M

Hey everyone. this is the last personal outfit post for my style portfolio! then everything will finally go back to normal! in this outfit I am featuring 'For The District' clothing. its a small line of clothing, but don't let that fool you! its great quality, unique and original! you really should check out the site, they have other graphic scenes such as time square! i decided to do it all black and white since it was appropriate considering the lack of color and I added a top hat for whimsy! you know me! the location was very abstract and cool as well. we left all the trash on the ground for a grunge effect. The title "magician' was inspired from the prestige, a movie in which the characters wore a lot of top hats and classic pieces. I know this is more simple then my other looks but its always good to change it up!

xx adam

August 7
The Gypsy
-personal outfit post-

1)purple cardigan- metropark (RIP:[)
2)galaxy shirt-COLLECTION
3)black skinnys- active
5)beanie-heritage 1981
8)stone necklace- local tarot shop (dragon marsh riverside)

happy lazy sunday. My outfit of the day includes one of my favorite colors, purple and galaxy print which has proven to be one of street fashions focal trends of 2011. I march to the beat of my own drum when it comes to style and fashion but lately I have been more conscious of trends in regards to color palette and accessories. I piled on a bunch of urban bracelets, as well as my new stone necklace I bought at our local tarot shop. I'm embarrassed to say I actually forgot what the stone is...so if anyone recognizes it, comment! this Upcoming week is going to be a busy one. the biggest style contest I've been competing for an entire month is coming to a close so I'll be squeezing in a few more posts such as photo diary, 2 more personal outfits and a small essay on why I should be chosen to be a correspondent for New York fashion week. so stay tuned !

xx adam

August 6
fall/winter runway STANDOUTS
-industry post-
I know it's a little late to bring up my favorite mens collections from fall/winter 2011/2012 fashion week but I wanted to show Elle and Nokia that I have what it takes to correspond for fashion week in New York.

From the masculine 20's edge inspired from Dolce & Gabbana to the eclectic dandy colors of PRADA, this years bright, abrupt men fall/winter collections yelled "HEY LOOK AT US, WE'RE BREAKING THE RULES!" . With the biggest trend hitting both men and women's runway, the off-the-shoulder seem line is all the fad. (see above- blue blazer; PRADA) The unusual cut has been featured in blazers, trench coats, sweaters and even regular tee shirts. My personal favorite collection was ANTONIO AZZUOLO. (see image to the right; featuring bowtie) his collection married urban layers with chic vests, cardigans and ties. Other runways that were a standout to me was Jil Sanders menswear collection. She bravely weaved in her fall/winter inspiration with keeping most of the spring/summer color palettes such as bright oranges and lime greens. see more HERE. Marc Jacobs menswear was also a knockout in my opinion. He gave his fall collection an urban voice that sang in harmony with his electric and sporty spring collection. All of marc's bags, briefcases and backpacks are on this years wish list! I truly believe that accessories give outfits a personality and glow, which he has proved time and time again with menswear. In conclusion, I could describe 2011 menswear fall/winter collection in 3 words. Bright, chaotic and free. Designers are breaking from the unsaturated color-mold of fall and winter. They don't want to not play by the rules and I like it.

WWD quoted "Menswear is dead"

which I have to disagree. fashion is always unexpected and changing with season. we all know that right? so what's not to say that we should have seen this coming? debatable, i know. Let's keep our eyes, opinions and optimism WIDE OPEN for spring/summer 2012 as well as next years fall/winter 2012.

xx adam


August 4-
The whimsical
-personal outfit post-

1)bowler hat- H&M
2)bow tie-brighterman
3)torquoise skinnys- ZARA
4)abstract sweater- ZARA
5)white shirt-ZARA
7)bag-Urban O
8)starbucks cup!

i know. i know. I'm a Leprachaun... there, i said it!

xx adam


August 2-
The dropout
-personal outfit post-

1)tie- thrifted
2)shirt- ZARA
3)black cardi- H&M
4)black skinny's- active
5)glasses- RAY BAN
6)briefcase- friend aleahs/thrifted

whats goin on everybody. this post is a concept post. and by that, i mean, that this is strictly a vision...an artistic vision. with that being said, I DO NOT SMOKE nor do i condone it. theres been a lot of debate about this but I believe my posts are like art. I start with a blank palette, think of an idea then paint it. of course metaphorically speaking. when it comes to dressing for my blog, i like to think of an idea or concept and bring it to life sometimes. "the dropout" is a piece of art i have created which includes a cigarette to complete the rebellious vibe i was going for. untucked shirt, messy hair and smoking suggest that he is very careless, goes his own way and looks up to no one. I'm proud of what I have created and hope you like it too

xx adam

July 31-
the photographer
-personal outfit post-

1)jean shirt- ZARA
3)skinny's- active
4)boots- ZARA
5)necklace-SAINT NOIR
6)beanie- friends!
7)bag- Urban O

hola! simple, masculine, urban look today. comfortable summer jean shirt paired with my new glasses and I'm carrying my old camera to tell a story of a wondering photographer. seeing the world through a lens and capturing beauty as it comes. i see the beauty in everything. do you?

xx adam

July 28-
Bless this mess we tried our best
-personal outfit post-

1)bowler hat- H&M
2)blazer- ZARA
3)tee- ZARA
4)black bag- thrifted
5)scarf- ZARA autumn/winter 2011
6)pants- active
7)glasses- RayBan
boots-Urban O

photo credit: bethany struble

hey everyone. here I am displaying a new ZARA MAN fall/winter 2011/2012 scarf piece. its really bold and fun. more SPRING you would think but when paired with the neutrals of the winter season it could be a bright idea. don't be afraid to think outside the box and showcase statement pieces.

xx adam

july 27
all of these wonderful pieces are from TOPMAN USA (my favorite store) and right now they're offering FREE SHIPPING all summer. you best believe I'm taking advantage of this!!!

xx adam


JULY 25-
1)purple cardi- heritage 1981
2)white shirt- ZARA
3)tie- thrifted
4)glasses- ray ban
5)pants- active

simple personal outfit post. added some purple hues to play off the cardigan and the polka dots are just for fun;) simple, chic, and masculine all at the same time.

xx adam


JULY 21-
love is watching someone die
-personal style post-
1)red pants- H&M
2)shoes- ZARA
4)bag- heritage 1981
6)scarf- RALPH LAUREN(for sale! email me yeahhhboii@hotmail.com)
7)bracelets- various

check them out^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^


JULY 18-
The Tri∆ngle saga


1)jean cardi- thrifted
2)tee-A R D T
3)pants- active
4)bowler hat- thrifted

hey everyone:) hope the beginning of your week has started off splendid! back to work right? ;] I'll start it off with the launch of my new movement, project and personal saga called "the tri∆ngle saga" this is going to be a time in my life where i will be displaying a lot more unsatured, geometric, simple, GQ inspired looks for my blog and lookbook. less nature and more white walls! so you can really focus on the outfit. Here, i am showcasing a great online store who I have collaborated with a few times now and that is A R D T. they offer a great line of various modern tees that go great for a casual wardrobe as well as a glamourous one. you should check out there stuff. they don't disappoint.

x adam

add a bowler hat to your outfit for an original, unique and head turning effect!
tortoise sunglasses is a summer necessity.

bowler hat-hats.com
shirt-A R D T


Hey everyone so I entered a style correspondent competition awhile back and have got to the final round where we have to create a "Style portfolio" in other words, one looooong blogpost that ill keep updating so they can judge it at the very end what my line of work and art has to offer=D so, in turn I'm telling you now that for the next few weeks all my look books, blog posts and stuff are going to have more content and only be featured HERE, in this one blogpost, i constantly keep updating the date and editing so it'll be like a journal. who's ready to take the journey with me? :) don't forget to vote by clicking the picture below, and 'LIKING' my entry. If I win, then 7 other hopefuls along with myself will be flown to new york where we will correspond for New York Fashion Week. so VOTE PLEASE PLEASE :}



JULY 16-

here's an excerpt from their 'about me' on the website:

"Headquarter and manufactured in Downtown Los Angeles, Multeepurpose represents a revolutionary concept in contemporary fashion by infusing style with social and environmentally conscience philosophies."

MULTEEPURPOSE has really great products that are environmentally conscious and modern as well! the tee shirt above was sent to me, and I really love it. the fabric is soft comfortable and the graphic print is very edgy and summer inspired with the anchor. I'll post a few more pictures from their online store so you can get a feeling of what the company has to offer.




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