Loose my way with words...

1)fedora- H&M
2)glasses- 80spurple.com
3)blue striped carnival flannel- crossroads
5)tee- american apparel
6)black skinnies-active
7)doc martens- "

whats going on guys? for this look i don't have an inspiration, I just found this amazing carnival flannel at crossroads (for those of you who don't know what that is, its a trading thrift store) they have awesome pieces and once I saw this piece, I snatched it, walked up to the counter and I believe i told the lady "oh my gosh I'm so excited to buy this" to which she replied "cool" in a mundane tone -_- not exactly the response i wanted but oh well. I went home, got dressed and spent the night hanging out with my best friend Shantiel who so kindly took these pictures of me. You can also see I'm featuring SHOPBOP.COM again for the second time in a row because their product is great stuff! the necklace is durable, unique, and secretly for woman, but I do believe i rock it well for a guy;) go ahead and check out more of their designer label merchandise.


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  1. aww I really like this combination. Looks so casual cool! Which camera have you been using for this shoot? xo.

    fashion is for idiots [like us]

    fashion is for idiots [like us]

  2. amazing outfit


  3. I've already said that i love this look (on lookbook) but ok, i don't sleep yet and this look is amazing...!
    Do you know that it's midnight in my country whereas in yours i think it's about 2;00 PM? lucky boy!