Till the embers smoke on the ground

1)grey peacoat- Urban O
2)red pants- H&M
3)doc martens- doc marten
4)striped shirt- Urban O
5)fedora- H&M
6)ring & braclets- all over da playce
7)glasses- 80spurple.com

Hey guyz. Hope everybody's monday is off to a good start! these past few days have been fun taking photos and hanging with friends. For this shoot in particular, I found this street that had giant trees that were shedding their beautiful red flowers all over the place. Since one of my outfits main colors was red I decided to play off the flowers by sitting smack dab in the middle of them! I have a close up shot above and I KNOW it looks like pulpery but dont get to excited, its just a bunch of dead flowers and twigs! but none the less, it was very cool and I'm happy with the photo turn out. I wanted to go for a "lonesome heart" vibe. The story is a boy who is in search for his true love and he stops to take a rest then there in that moment, a shower of passionate, red flowers fall upon him to inspire him to keep going, don't ever give up on finding your true love. It was a sign, and they're all around us everyday. maybe we're just not looking hard enough?

xx adam



  1. i like how you combined colors .
    the inspiration pictures are beautiful. And avril lavigne's Push is one of my favorite song of goodbye lullaby :)


  2. love the red and
    you are extremely know how to blend all the colours :)

  3. fantastic execution/interpretation!