Rolling in the deep

what im wearing:
1)fedora- urban O
2)trench- heritage 1981
3)blue shirt- H&M
4)mustard tie- vintage
5)black skinnies- active
6)backpack with leather detail- urban O
7)glasses- 80spurple.com

hello again! hope your weeks going well! this is my second post to get things rolling (rolling in the deep) i was very inspired by Pascal Grob and his "traveler" vibe so i tried to capture his aura by pairing a traditional trench coat with a vintage mustard tie and i shot against beautiful wrought iron. he is very inspirational and you should check out his stuff if you haven't. as for you guys, try this look yourselves! a hint of mustard can really give your outfit some personality.


currently listening-
safari disco club- YELLE


  1. nice pictures


  2. I always get a heart attack when I enter your page and suddenly the music starts and I never expect it so start! Anyways, great look and your photographer must be really talented.