Winters Bone

what im wearing:
1)fedora- H&M
2)geometric scarf- vintage
3)shirt- urban O
4)gun metal button up- H&M
5)black skinnies- ACTIVE
6)bag- heritage 1981
7)braclets- metro park

hey guys:) its been about a week since my last post, (which is kind of long for me) I've been going through some personal stuff, but its making me a stronger person. we all go through struggles and with the help of friends and family, you can conquer whatever is in your way. so for this look, i had recently discovered this really cool urban alley with a bunch of rustic pipes so i decided to do a cold winter look with my new geometric scarf! the moral of this oufit is that you can wear simplistic neutrals and then add a crazy pattern wether it be scarf, tie, socks etc. just giving your outfit enough flair and personality! :) stay fresh fashionistas-nistos

xx adam


currently listening-
clark gable- the postal service


  1. great pictures:x
    and your song:x i love adele !

  2. Great outfit! Love the scarf and inspirations! Owww, Clark Gable! :)


  3. Wow! Adam! Your sense of style is AMAZING! I love the outfit and I love your blog too! :)

    I was wondering when you are going to continue the "Harry Potter" inspiration thing! I did enjoy how you used to put outfits together based on the movies! :)
    Also, I really like the music you put on your blog!

    Great job!

    Naomi Larocque from

  4. Hey Adam(?).
    I don't like to write or to talk in english,
    but in this moment, i want you to say, you're a pretty guy and i like you photos. i hope you're ok. My english is bad, i know, anyhow
    i found a word, wich could say what i feel when i opened you blog: awasome!
    Little kiss,

  5. Os adultos vivem dizendo que a adolescência é um dos periodos mais marcantes da vida. Mais o que o adolescente pensa disso?

    Visita o meu blog?


    Se gostar do meu Blog, segue lá, ficarei muiito feliz.
    Desde já obrigada, atenciosamente Tainã Almeida.
    Beijos e uma ótima semana.

  6. I Love yor post =D
    Your clothes are amazing ;D your style too

    A fan from Brazil ;D


  7. Hello FASHION GOD, Love your outfit and how you find inspiration in almost anything!

    I'm a newbie in the blogging world and now I've seen your posts, it is confirmed that I'm an amateur haha =D

    Hope you had a great weekend!

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  9. Hey, it's kinda boring because it seems like you have only one pair of pants in your wardobe- black skinnies in every photo
    try to be more creative

  10. Oi!!! Gostei do look, bem cheio de estilo, muito bom!!!


  11. I just found you in Lookbook.
    Woww!! You are a guy and you are so stylish.
    I really love the way you mix your outfit and those photos.
    cool!!! :)

  12. Great look! But when we can see your new posts?? =)

    xoxo Eli

  13. Great outfit! Love the scarf and inspirations!

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