what im wearing:
1)varsity basball jacket- authentic from my school
2)black skinnies- active
3)red hat- urban outfitters
4)red high top converse- converse
5)bag- heritage 1981
7)checker print shirt- http://www.ardentees.com/
hey everyone:) this week i moved back to LA! finally! after all my recent surgeries and crap, i am 99% healed and ready to go. im saving up for my own laptop which i will be purchasing after the holidays and then i will be blogging more often with more "personal" and up to date outfits! im so excited. so if the posts are alittle scattered till then, please bare with me. i do everything for you guys and your my inspiration! speaking of that, todays post was inspired by school again. recently in america, the semesters have been ending and everyone is taking their finals and i decided to throw on my baseball jacket, and converse and pretend like i was too! haha i wish school wasnt so expensive otherwise i would go but im already getting hired by companies for fashion and catalogs for styling, so im making it on my own! im very thankful! anywho! enough talking! i hope you guys enjoy:)
xx adam


currently listening:

ADELE- rolling the deep


  1. the varsity jacket is to die for!

  2. the jacket is awesome :)
    can't wait for more posts!
    oxox e.


  3. Cool! Love how u put the inspiration of your outfits in, that's great! xxx

  4. If we were in the same high school I would have been in love with you =))))
    Just kidding! Anyway :0 Glad that you will blog more :X
    And as always I love your outfit! :)

  5. Lovely outfit!
    and Breakfast Club!! my favorite movie :)

  6. LOVE THE BLOG ADAM :)) _your favorite Leo from work ;)

  7. Great blog, great inspirations...always beautiful pics. Luv it!

  8. OMG The Breakfast Club! I love this movie! :)
    And I love your outfit too! You are one of my favorite lookbooker!