And the sun poured in like butterscotch, and stuck to all my senses

hey everyone. I realized that I haven't done a written blog in a long time. I've gotten so use to putting up pictures and inspirations and outfits! well, let me now use this time to fill you in on my personal life a little!

so last time i checked in i let all of you know that i scored an awesome internship, and had hopes to move to Los Angeles. This is all still in the works! I have devoted over 60 hours to my internship this summer and worked with some great models, make-up stylists, hair stylists, assistants, other interns! it's just such a great experience i wouldnt trade for the world! in october the photographer's main wardrobe stylist will be leaving for the navy and since theyve been working with me for over 3 months now I'm excited to say that they might hire me! fingers crossed! all of you! i also need to get a retail job in LA as well so in these next few weeks im going to print out a lot of applications and my resume to submit to urban outfitters and AA. once i secure a job and hopefully get hired by jim jordan then i can have money to move. everything is most likely going to happen late september/early october..right in time for my birthday ;]

anywho, enough with that. onto lookbook updates. I would like to personally thank all of you who follow me, and take time to read my blog and hype my looks on LOOKBOOK! i really really really appreciate it. i don't have words. i remember when i was young and was inspired by so many people and now i feel like the tables have turned! i get teary eyed on my formspring when people say i inspire them! it's crazy! all i do is dress in what i like, create ideas and who would of that helped people with their style and confidence! thanks to all of you I now am the number one male on the site, it's crazy! by no means i post looks for competitive reasons, i do it for fun and usually cause im bored and just take random pictures! haha but recently i got an email in regards to LOOKBOOK...and it's really awesome. i can't say anything now, but i promise its cool. i think at least! ;]

thanks for reading!
i love you all

xx Adam

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  1. That's so cool that you and your outfits are incredibly amazing, but here as i had read your posts you look so normal guy, very warm and maybe a little bit modest about your success :D I hope you know you are perfect! :DD

  2. Sempre dou uma passadinha aqui e a cada dia me surpreendo mais e mais com seu blog...
    parabéns e muito sucesso para você.
    beijos de sua fã brasileira! ^^)